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silverfox web designs is the future

hours of consultation

Mon-Fri 9:30am till 4:30pm

All Major Holidays, Weekends, Year End Vacation (Dec 21st-Jan 5th)

Primary Communication Tools
Discord, Text, Telephone, Video Call / Conference, Screen Share

How do I join the SilverFox Web Designs Discord?
We will invite you after we setup your private channel. It's a simple link and if you already have Discord installed the link will join you once you login.  This is not given out freely and we only create private channels for paying clients. 

I'm a developer, how do i join the discord?
If you are a developer and would like the opportunity to work with us as a contractor you may first contact us via our online consultation form. We will respond in kind and provide you a link to our discord where you can join the developer pool. 

when a project completes what happens to my discord channel?
Nothing. We will leave your channel open for life unless you ask us to remove it. The reason for this is you may need our help in the future.  It is the most direct form of communications between you and support. 

it's not because of covid

SilverFox Web Designs has always been a remote based company. It was the logical step with how technology was and is continuing to progress. With an impressive selection of communication options available today, working remotely is as easy as sending an email. In fact it has been proven to be easier and a more efficient way to collaborate and share ideas and information in real time for digital based development specifically.  

primary factors in our choice to go remote

We found that being remote offered us more flexibility with our internal teams. We are as accurate as possible on each project so through the use of remote tools this allows us to keep an accurate record of each request made by a client and our responses while allowing the client to share digital materials.  We place the client in direct contact with the project manager and in some cases in direct contact with the developer(s).  It goes without saying that being remote also cuts costs of doing business which in turn allows us to provide our services for a lower cost than most other development companies.

benefits of using chosen communication tools 

  • Video Options: Calls and Screen Sharing.
  • Standard Voice Calls.
  • Text Messages.
  • Easily share project materials, links and other useful information.
  • Ample support for every device. 
  • Always On.  Stay Connected.
  • Private. Your channel is secured and private. FYEO.

Secure, easy to use, powerful! Discord, our chosen tool for secure, private communications.

Powerful Remote Communications – Discord

Why is privacy so important now? Find out.

Client Privacy IS Paramount