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silverfox web designs chooses discord

SilverFox Web Designs uses Discord

SilverFox Web Designs uses Discord as our primary communication tool.  Discord saves time and helps us and our clients to keep accurate records concerning requests while providing an easy way to share information, files, images, videos, links and other needed materials.  We are also available through other communication methods per request, but ultimately we request all clients communicate with us through Discord. And here is why...

It's an amazing tool!

Discord essentially is a tool to help connect people with other people. While adopted by the gaming community initially it has blossomed into a much more diverse tool of which can now be used for literally any purpose.

Key Features

  • Video Screen Share and Video Conferencing.
  • Voice Calls.
  • Text / Messaging.
  • File and Link Sharing.
  • Ease of use. Can be used via web browser or apps for any desktop OS as well as a clean mobile app for android and iOS.
  • Always On.  Allows us to be in close contact with our clients and our team when working on their projects.
  • Privacy. Secure and private channels for each client we serve.
  • Inner team communications. Can control communications for all clients, teams and team members from the same Discord.
  • Flexibility. Offers a wide range of bots of which add functionality to the Discord, stats, forms etc. and we can custom build bots as needed.

should you have a Discord if you own a business?

It is recommended that if you have a business and have a phone, you should also have a Discord server to offer communications for your customers. A community of followers of your product or services of which you can use to share information, promotions, and updates while giving the community a place to ask questions and receive feedback.

Through the robust UI of Discord you can easily pin and mention information for the entire community to view making Discord great for promotional purposes.  For example: @everyone We have a huge sale going on! would message your entire user base.  

For more information on what you can do with Discord and how you can use it with your company, contact us for a free consultation and quote. We can help you setup your Discord and show you how to use it or manage it for you.

Require special functionality that the standard Discord does not offer? We can help you by programming a custom bot.

Why is privacy so important now? Find out.

Client Privacy IS Paramount

SilverFox Web Designs is a 100% remote company.

100% Remote Company