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Project Overview

Welcome to our showcase of the collaboration between SilverFox Web Designs and the Climate Pension Project. In this project, we have embraced simplicity to create a powerful single-page landing website for this meaningful non-profit initiative.

Platform and Technology

Platform: WordPress

Technology: Oxygen

We've leveraged the versatility of WordPress and harnessed the capabilities of Oxygen to sculpt an engaging and impactful online presence for the Climate Pension Project.

Theme and Design

Theme: Custom

Design: Minimal Design, Single Page Landing Page Layout

The theme of choice is uniquely tailored to the Climate Pension Project's mission, capturing the essence of the non-profit's commitment to a sustainable future. Our design strategy revolves around minimalism, ensuring that the website's visual elements remain focused, uncluttered, and in tune with the message.

Website Type

Type: Climate Pension Project / Non-Profit

The website encapsulates the core principles and goals of the Climate Pension Project. Through a single-page layout, visitors are provided with a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the project's significance.


Functionality: No Special Functionality

While simplicity is the hallmark of this website, it's important to note that even in its minimalistic design, every element serves a purpose. The website functions as an informative gateway, effectively communicating the Climate Pension Project's mission and values.

Visit the Website

Current Website: Climate Pension Project

We invite you to explore the Climate Pension Project's website, an embodiment of our commitment to creating online platforms that resonate with the core essence of impactful initiatives. At SilverFox Web Designs, we're honored to have contributed to the Climate Pension Project's journey, and we stand ready to transform your ideas into captivating digital experiences.

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