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we protect our clients data

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where is your portfolio? ask and we shall provide
We are more than happy to share completed works with new potential clients internally to show the type of work we are capable of., however, we've chosen not share our portfolio publicly in a continued effort to protect our clients privacy. and project data. 

why? everyone else posts a portfolio.
This may be true, but they are also posting information that may be private or lead to private information a client may not want public or may not realize is public. We eliminate the link between us and the client initially. As it should be up to the client if they'd like us to become and avenue of promotion. A client can choose any venue that suits them best and feel more confident they chose to do so. If a client would like us to share their project publicly we will via our blog, but not unless they request this from us.

doesn't it hurt your business?
No. If anything a client should feel more confident knowing we protect their personal and project related data. We have also been providing services for over 25 years and are confident in the work we can perform. We're professionals. 

Silverfox web designs nda

We've ensured that all parties involved are held under a blanket NDA for each project. This further ensures the safety of our work and client data. You may view the details of the NDA via our current Terms and Conditions Policy.

Further more, privacy

We will never sell, share, give or otherwise allow access to our clients personal information or project information ever.  Any contact information collected from a client may only be used by our internal team and is more restricted in terms of promotion. When we run a promotion we may reach out to current or potential client to share this information, but for no other reason.  All communications between our team and the client happen within a private discord channel otherwise.

benefits of high security and privacy? 

ultimately our clients will need to share secure information with us. it is important to us they can trust us. 

  • Can discuss any project in detail. 
  • Can allow us access to ensure accurate assessments of your requests.
  • Can feel confident that your information and data are safe.
  • Easily share project materials, links and other useful information without concern.
  • Can share new ideas without concern.
  • We will sign an NDA a client provides without issue. 
  • Prevents unwanted solicitation.

SilverFox Web Designs is a 100% remote company.

100% Remote Company

Secure, easy to use, powerful! Discord, our chosen tool for secure, private communications.

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