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first year of hosting is on us

Is this true? Free Hosting?

In an effort to ensure success for our clients we offer free hosting for all new clients who would like to build a new website or rebuild their current website. This is an optional offer so if you are happy with your current hosting that is fine or switching to us is a breeze. However, if you do not have hosting we've got you covered.

ok, what's the catch?
There is no catch. The free plan is free and you are not obligated to maintain or continue the plan  during or after the first year.  If you choose to continue using the services we have 2 easy plans to pick from. Our monthly plan is only $55 a month and our yearly allows you to save 10% by paying for 1 year in advance. If you have any questions about our hosting feel free to ask us using our online consultation

how do i sign up for free hosting?
It's easy. When you hire us for a project we will include the option on your quote. You may choose to take advantage of the free hosting or you may opt out. Once you've accepted the quote and your project is near completion we will setup the free hosting, SSL and domain depending on which options you need. To get started on a project with us please contact us through our online consultation

Silverfox web designs free hosting offer

You can see most of the details for hosting services on our services page. But ultimately we provide the most powerful options available in a hosting plan.  We've even won an award.  Our hosting is top of the line and you would be hard pressed to find anything comparable. 

Yes! As with the first year of hosting you can also have free premium SSL and a free domain name if you do not already own one.  You can not have a functional website without a strong foundation now can you? 

Yes! We provide expert support for the duration of the free plan at no additional cost. This plan is literally 100% free and available for anyone seeking to build a new website or rebuild an older one. 

benefits of taking advantage of this offer?

  • No obligation.  
  • 100% free.
  • Saves our clients a bundle their first year.
  • Fully managed so our clients can rest easy.
  • High security and active monitoring, CDN
  • Faster development and quicker launch.

Why is privacy so important now? Find out.

Client Privacy IS Paramount

SilverFox Web Designs is a 100% remote company.

100% Remote Company

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