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  1. Full Transparency
  2. No hidden or surprise fees
  3. Honest and accurate estimates
  4. Competitor price matching
  5. Payment options and financing available
  6. Lower rates for larger websites up to 15% off
  7. Non-Profit and military save additional 10%
  8. Superior green hosting solutions
  9. SEO included with new websites
  10. Any style of website
  11. No nonsense website maintenance options
  12. Remote access and secure communications
  13. Helpful and considerate staff
  14. Expert development team

You can’t go wrong with SilverFox Web Designs.

Development times can range for every website. We ask that you share your requirements with us so that we can determine an ETA. Websites can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 year or longer depending on complexity.

Each website or project for that matter is unique. It may have similar aspects of other websites and similar functionality, but ultimately each site has it’s own design and style and format. Based on how complex your website is will determine the time needed and the cost of the website.

We can evaluate a competitor quote and determine if a price match is available. We will not ask you for anything but the price quoted to you by our competitor. On approval we will match the competitor quote.

Each website we develop comes standard with WordPress CMS. We include the needed plugins for SEO optimization and perform standard SEO without any additional cost.

Once a project is complete and is fully paid for you own the website. Until these conditions are met SilverFox Web Designs maintains ownership.

We are always available to you via your private Slack channel if you have any questions. Consultation is always free for our clients and available at no additional cost. As well we always provide and maintain a user guide that explains how your website functions and how to use it properly. We will update the guide if more questions are asked.

SilverFox Web Designs provides a 30 day leeway period after a website successfully launches. This leeway period is to monitor the website and identify any remaining issues that may have been missed during quality assurance and client testing. Once this period has passed any further maintenance would require a maintenance plan.

Maintenance is pay as you go. We require a 5 hour minimum, but you may purchase more time as needed. Time never expires and is never used without permission from the client to do so. We track time accurately and will notify our clients when time is running low.

Maintenance time is available for 10% less than our standard rates when ordered in conjunction with a new website project.

Short answer is yes you can. However, it would be much appreciated to show your support by leaving it on the site. It’s a way for us to show users of your website who did the work. It gives us credibility and recognition for our work. Please consider this before removing the branding.

What type of branding do you use exactly?

We place a small text in the lowest part of the website footer, barely noticeable in most cases that reads “Website By: SilverFox Web Designs” and then it links back to our website.

We will offer you payment options based on your project requirements, size and cost. Some options may not apply. Some projects may require payment in full to start. Maintenance time is always paid in advance.

When you request an estimate on a project we apply savings based on the amount of hours estimated.

  1. 1-20 hours = standard rate
  2. 21-40 hours = 5% Reduced
  3. 41-60 hours = 10% Reduced
  4. 61+ hours – 15% Reduced

Non profit and Military

Non-profit and military, save an additional 10% on top of the standard and can save up to 25% depending on the size of the project.

Flat Rate Offers

As well we always offer a flat rate offer available when you pay for the project in full. Check your quote for this offer as you can save even more.


We sometimes hold promotions. Promotions are separate from standard deductions. We will always apply the highest deduction.



We provide an initial estimate free of charge for new potential clients. We will always provide an accurate and fair assessment of your project and will give you a quote based on this understanding. Our quote is our word. There are no hidden fees or additional fees to consider once a quote has been accepted. If additional work is requested we will provide a new quote for that work. We apply any savings from the initial quote to the new quote if related to the same project. Maintenance plans do not require an estimate or agreement as they are pay as you go plans.

There are a few fees to consider.

  1. Taxes
  2. Processing
  3. Interest

We always charge tax on our services. The current tax is 6%. If you feel you do not need to pay this tax please provide the proper documentations needed and we will remove this from the quote and invoice. As well processing fees. The current charge for processing is 3.28%. This is used to offset the processing fees we pay to process your order.

Interest is applied at 1% per month. We will discuss payment arrangements with each client and will work with them to formulate a payment agreement. An example would be a payment agreement for 3 months of which would have a 3% interest rate associated. A 12 month agreement would carry a 12% interest rate and so on.

For all new projects that are not pre-paid maintenance an agreement is required along with payment as agreed to per the official quote before work can begin. These agreements are legally binding. By accepting the agreement you also accept our terms and conditions and privacy conditions.

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. You may pay your invoices by choosing an option at the bottom of your invoice.

All payments are due at the time of delivery. If you have any issues paying your invoice please simply let us know so we can work on making arrangement with you to pay the debt.

We will only launch the website once it’s been approved by quality assurance and by the client. Once the website is launched the project is considered finished and the 30 day leeway period begins where further monitoring of the website will continue.

We will always provide an ETA for each project. However, please be aware that an ETA is an estimate not a deadline. If you have a specific deadline to maintain we would need to consider this before accepting your project. Please notify us ahead of time so we can note this in our quote to you.

We place a small text notification in the footer of every new website project we complete that reads “Website by: SilverFox Web Designs” of which links back to us.

It is up to our clients to properly prepare for the project development process before hiring us to begin a project. We will not be held liable for any profit losses or otherwise associated to the operation of a client’s business. It is up to our clients to maintain their business during development stages of the website. It is up to our client to order services to effectively promote the completed project.

We ask that you attempt to contact us during our standard hours between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm.  However, you may send us a message at any time. We will return your message at our soonest convenience.

Our current hourly rate is set at $80 per hour. However, during promotions and depending on the size of your project you can effectively reduce this rate by up to 15% standard or up to 25% if you are non-profit and or military.

When you request an estimate on a project we apply savings based on the amount of hours estimated.

1-20 hours = standard rate

21-40 hours = 5% Reduced

41-60 hours = 10% Reduced

61+ hours – 15% Reduced

Non profit and military, active and veterans, save an additional 10% on top of the standard and can save up to 25% depending on the size of the project.

Currently we do not offer refunds for maintenance or hosting plans. We offer a 48 hours leeway period to request a refund before a project begins. After this 48 hour leeway period we do not offer a refund. It is highly recommended you complete what you started to avoid loss.

In the event a client of ours is involved with a crime we would need to provide any and all requested information to the proper authorities. We will never take part in illegal activity.

We will treat our clients with respect. All we ask is they treat us with the same respect. We do not tolerate toxic or abusive behavior towards our staff.

Projects may be cancelled under extreme conditions or circumstances. We will always communicate with our clients to resolve any situations before coming to this determination.

We may seek legal action to collect on debts. In the event this is necessary all legal fees associated with the collection process would be the clients sole responsibility. Please communicate with us and we will help you resolve your debt.



With every new client non disclosure is a given. Please see our privacy information below. You may also provide a non disclosure and we will be happy to sign this prior to any consultation.

If you received a quote from us and denied the quote we may reach out to you to further understand how we can improve upon our services. Any information you can provide us will be much appreciated.

We will not share this information. This information will be used internally to improve upon our services. We always want to offer the best for our clients.

Protecting your private information is our priority. If you require a non disclosure statement prior to consultation please let us know. We are more than happy to sign a non disclosure.

We will not do this:

  1. We will not share your information
  2. We will not share any comments or otherwise made to us
  3. We will not sell your information
  4. We will not store your payment information
  5. We will not accept payments on our website

What we may collect from you:

  1. Your name, first and last.
  2. Your company name
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your website address

We do use tracking for analytics. This will track user information such as location, time of visit and pages visited. This helps us to improve our website to better server our clients. We do not share this information.

SilverFox Web Designs welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Statement of Privacy. If you believe that SilverFox Web Designs has not adhered to this Statement, please contact SilverFox Web Designs at:

SilverFox Web Designs
Boise, Idaho
Email Address: info@silverfoxwebdesigns.com
Telephone number: 2089324311

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