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What is a full-stack developer?

A full-stack developer is a software developer who has knowledge and expertise in developing both the front-end and back-end of a website or web application.

A full-stack developer is proficient in multiple programming languages, frameworks, and tools that are used for both client-side and server-side development. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript for front-end development, and programming languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, or Java for back-end development.

Additionally, full-stack developers have knowledge and experience working with databases, server-side technologies, and web development frameworks such as Node.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails.

The term "full-stack" refers to the ability to work on all layers of web development, from designing the user interface to building and maintaining the back-end infrastructure. Full-stack developers can work independently or as part of a team to develop and deploy web applications, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that the application is running smoothly.

Overall, a full-stack developer is a versatile and skilled professional who can handle all aspects of web development, from design to deployment, and has a broad knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

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